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Essence of Self-help Books

Self-help books are those that tell you how to be a better person. These focus more on inner development than on external material success. This is the core topic of the scriptures of many religions of the world and the … Continue reading

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First Fiction

Off topic … A few weeks back, I attended a Creative Writing Workshop. We got a lot of good tips on writing. After the theory came the practice. We had to write. I have not read much fiction. And, I … Continue reading

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Class on Advaita Vedanta

I took a class on “What is Advaita Vedanta?” to a small group of Vedanta students. It has come out well. It is 1 hour 40 mins. You can listen to it here. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] … Continue reading

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Should human life be like this only?

Most of the time of most of the human beings are spend in one the following: earning money, accumulating possessions, securing them, preparing oneself to enable to earn money enjoying pleasures by tingling the various sense organs like charming sights, sounds, … Continue reading

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Secret of Indian National Anthem

There is a wide-spread misconception that the Indian National Anthem is in praise of the then king of England. A few years back, I came across an excellent presentation that reveals the true person whom the great song praises. Here … Continue reading

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