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First Fiction

Off topic … A few weeks back, I attended a Creative Writing Workshop. We got a lot of good tips on writing. After the theory came the practice. We had to write. I have not read much fiction. And, I … Continue reading

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Class on Advaita Vedanta

I took a class on “What is Advaita Vedanta?” to a small group of Vedanta students. It has come out well. It is 1 hour 40 mins. You can listen to it here. [audio:What is Advaita.mp3] If you want to … Continue reading

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Should human life be like this only?

Most of the time of most of the human beings are spend in one the following: earning money, accumulating possessions, securing them, preparing oneself to enable to earn money enjoying pleasures by tingling the various sense organs like charming sights, sounds, … Continue reading

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Secret of Indian National Anthem

There is a wide-spread misconception that the Indian National Anthem is in praise of the then king of England. A few years back, I came across an excellent presentation that reveals the true person whom the great song praises. Here … Continue reading

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Purpose of Life – Be Happy and Help Others.

If we ask different people of what the purpose of their life is, they will reply different things. If we analyze the answers, they can be generalized as “Be happy and help others”. This is what Swami Vivekananda elaborated as … Continue reading

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