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Shanti Mantra

Shaanti Mantras are loudly chanted usually at the beginning and end of any lecture, study or meditation session. Loud chanting helps us to switch the context of our mind from whatever we were doing earlier to the current activity. Chanting … Continue reading

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Four Pursuits of Human Life

I asked several students and professionals this question: “If I give you 10 lakh rupees to spend, how will you spend it?” I got several interesting answers: “Invest in stocks”, “Go on a vacation”, “Start a business”, “Give in charity”, … Continue reading

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Break Free !!!

(An edited version of this article was published in the June 2018 issue of Vedanta Kesari, the monthly magazine published from Ramakrishna Math, Chennai.) The whole development of humanity and of individual human beings is a journey of breaking free. Matter … Continue reading

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The Idea of India

Every great nation has a unique reason for its existence. There are some unique cultural and social contributions of that nation and people to humanity, which gives meaning to its very existence. All the support systems like economy, education, military, … Continue reading

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My idea of Hindutva is from what I have seen in my friends associated with RSS, VHP, etc. And that is: “Hindutva” is merely the Hindi/Sanskrit word for “Indianness”. It is just an umbrella word for everything that is “uniquely … Continue reading

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