Here are the audio recordings of some classes and talks.


I have been fortunate to learn at the feet of a lot of great teachers. I have also been fortunate to be a part of discussions with a lot of brilliant and sincere spiritual aspirants. Thanks to these, I have been able to put together some ideas into some sort of a structure. Here are some of them which are in printable format.

  • Printed versions of some of the booklets are available for free distribution. Minimum that you can order is 100 copies. These are almost the cost price of the books. Any surplus will go to charity. If you want them, please send me an email.
    • “Message of the Gita” – English book (A7 size, 24 pages) costs Rs.200 for 100 copies.
    • “Geethaiyin Seidhi” – Tamil book (A6 size, 20 pages) costs Rs.400 for 100 copies.
    • “Swami Vivekananda’s Call to the Youth of India” – English book (A6 size, 40 pages) costs Rs.500 for 100 copies.
    • Essence of Hinduism – English pamphlet (A5 size, 4 pages) cost Rs.100 for 100 copies.
    • Gita Saram – 70 Selected Verses from the Gita with word by word meaning in English (A5 size, 28 pages, self cover) cost Rs.700 for 100 copies.


Here are some excellent books, that I would recommend.


I have presented on non-technical topics for different forums. Here are some of the presentations

Here is a presentation that I got through email. It is worth sharing.

There is a misconception that the Indian National Anthem is in praise of the then king of England. Watch this presentation to know the real deity of the great song.

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