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I have been thinking of doing some social service activity. I am just jotting down some ideas that I have currently. If anyone is interested to join me, please let me know.

The organization can be called “Swami Vivekananda Movement for Human Development”. The objective is to improve the condition of people in villages and towns, on the following fronts:

  1. Medical – Health is the basic investment into life. Areas of work: primary health care, hygienic environment, knowledge about basic hygiene, clean drinking water, proper sanitation, etc.
  2. Financial – A reasonably good financial state is a basic necessity. Every person should afford basic necessities of life like three square meals a day, comfortable living conditions, affordable clothing, vehicle, TV, etc. This should be done by increasing the agricultural income by developing watersheds, agricultural practices like multi-crop, crop rotation, etc. and small agricultural produce processing units. Income augmentation during periods when there is not much agricultural work should be provided by cattle rearing, poultry, other cottage industries and other home-based working facilities. Loans should be available to farmers by micro-finance and cooperative banks.
  3. Educational – Quality education for children and continued education for adults are necessary. A good studying environment at home after school is necessary. Support for higher education to needy people in the form of grants and loans is also needed. Good libraries and informal education on health, science, culture, etc. by mobile awareness troupes are needed to go beyond mere literacy into real education.
  4. Social – Social dignity to all people is mandatory. Religious and social harmony should be promoted. Discrimination based on caste, gender, profession, economic status, etc. should be eliminated.
  5. Cultural – Art forms like music, dance, drama, literature, etc. should be promoted. Celebration of festivals both at home and in community, stories from mythology, Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc. should be promoted.
  6. Moral and spiritual – People should be educated on why morality is necessary, law of Karma, etc. Community worship should be arranged once a week. People should be taught personal worship at home. People should be taught to emotionally stand on their own feet so that they can face the ups and downs of life with strength and dignity.

The focus should be in villages and towns, so that people do not feel the necessity to move to cities. If we are able to improve the condition of a village so that people who have moved to the cities from that village start coming back, it would mark the success of the movement.


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  1. Madhukesh says:

    Hi Sir,

    >>The focus should be in villages and towns, so that people do not feel the necessity to >>move to cities. If we are able to improve the condition of a village so that people who >>have moved to the cities from that village start coming back, it would mark the >>success of the movement.

    I agree to this point very much and i too have the same feeling and thought on doing some constructive work around this.


  2. gokulmuthu says:

    Thanks, Madhukesh. I will get in touch with you to take this further.

  3. Madhukesh says:

    Hi Sir,

    One thought is, to form an Organized Labor in villages i.e. the village laborer should get the basic benefits that one gets in an organized sector of any work like Teaching, Banking, Doctors, IT etc. Facilities like Regular Salary, Insurance, PF, Banking Facility at rural area, basic education etc. I feel there are Govt programs that has few of this and may be many are not opting it as its all scattered. Hence there has to be one body which would get all these under one umbrella which would cater the laborer who work in villages.

    This would benefit like, laborer gets a regular salary, he can save through bank/post office accounts, gets PF, Insurance, education for their kin and enjoy the modernization benefits how others enjoy in this growing economy at the taluk/district level.

    To make this understand them, villagers mindset has to be changed with some basic trainings and case studies. The way to change the system would be at root level, by having regular interaction, good exposure about India/World, opportunities and benefits one can get at the Village level when things are done rightly.

    We can discuss more on this with more ideas and thoughts.


  4. Arun says:

    I have seen lot of people in cities. searching for jobs.

    Should they move back to there native or jobs to be created for them in city?

  5. RAVINDHAR C says:

    i also like to do social service what should i do in a better way

    my contact no:8124219448

  6. Anaswar says:

    I like to do social servicing ….
    Just need a guide. I m from Kerala doing btech. I’ll be there.. 🙂

  7. abhinav says:

    Hie sir
    I m abhinav . Sir your idea of improving the condition of village r town what ever it may be it can be done if we just try to improve the income for the public in dat particular area .
    Like i say even if we conduct health camps , orphanages we cannot expect that the area is far from poor.
    We make the people to stand on themselves by provinding the ways of living .

  8. Srujana says:

    I Want to do Social servive as my part time job , please help me

    • gokulmuthu says:


      I found that Youth For Seva is a good group doing very good work in Bangalore. They work in the area of supporting school children. I will get back to you by email.

      With regards,

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