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Four Pursuits of Human Life

I asked several students and professionals this question: “If I give you 10 lakh rupees to spend, how will you spend it?” I got several interesting answers: “Invest in stocks”, “Go on a vacation”, “Start a business”, “Give in charity”, … Continue reading

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The Idea of India

Every great nation has a unique reason for its existence. There are some unique cultural and social contributions of that nation and people to humanity, which gives meaning to its very existence. All the support systems like economy, education, military, … Continue reading

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Indian Creation Theories

Indian philosophy and religion are very diverse and comprehensive. They never provide a “one size fits everyone” solution to any concept. They provide a full spectrum of options and possibilities for people with various temperaments. Theory of Creation is no … Continue reading

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I am a feminist

The topic of discussion of a recent session of “Alternative Future Dialogue” organized by Metaculture was “Gender issues”. This made me think about my stance. I had never tried to take a stance on this before. I was surprised to … Continue reading

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Swami Vivekananda – The Key Thinker of Modern India

(This article was published in the Oct-Dec 2015 issue (number 17.2) of “Dialogue”, the quarterly magazine of Astha Bharati, Delhi, an organization to promote National Unity and Integrity.) Need of the Hour Indian thought is unique in the world. It … Continue reading

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