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First Fiction

Off topic … A few weeks back, I attended a Creative Writing Workshop. We got a lot of good tips on writing. After the theory came the practice. We had to write. I have not read much fiction. And, I … Continue reading

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Break Free !!!

The whole development of humanity and of individual human beings is a journey of breaking free. Matter is governed by the laws of physics. The movement of matter can be determined by the physical laws within certain limits, which are … Continue reading

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The Idea of India

Every great nation has a unique reason for its existence. There are some unique cultural and social contributions of that nation and people to humanity, which gives meaning to its very existence. All the support systems like economy, education, military, … Continue reading

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Straight Talk on Religion

Excerpts from The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda You may believe in all the churches in the world, carry in your head all the sacred books ever written, you may baptize yourself in all the rivers of the earth, still, … Continue reading

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Toys for Everyone

Leaving gender stereotyping aside, children play two types of games with toys. For example, some play with cars and some with dolls. These are entirely different kinds of games. When children plays with cars, they typically “use” the cars. They … Continue reading

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