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Jiva and Isvara

Vedanta gives two sets of concepts about the individual (Jiva) and God (Isvara). One is practical, and the other is Absolute. The practical concepts prepare the person to proceed further towards the Absolute concepts. Thus, the practical aspect is of … Continue reading

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The Spiritual Journey

Initially, you see the world as an insentient object. You see the other living beings as competitors in your pursuit of happiness in life, which you wrongly believe to come from objects and situations. You blame other people and situations … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Humanism

Humanism is a system of thought that expresses the goal of life individually and collectively centered around the human being, instead of divine or occult. It prefers the means also to be rational and empirical, than dogmatic. As Kant’s second … Continue reading

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Four Pursuits of Human Life

I asked several students and professionals this question: “If I give you 10 lakh rupees to spend, how will you spend it?” I got several interesting answers: “Invest in stocks”, “Go on a vacation”, “Start a business”, “Give in charity”, … Continue reading

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Deciding between Right and Wrong according to Bhagavad Gita

We have two faculties which influence our decisions. In any given situation, we will have various options for action. We will have to choose one. One faculty, called manas, evaluates the various options based on likes and dislikes. Another faculty, … Continue reading

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