Outline for a workshop or book

I have been thinking of an outline for a workshop or a book on Hinduism. I hope to get some time to put this down into a reality.

  1. Introduction
    1. Origin of the name
    2. Basic principles
    3. Scriptures
    4. Saints
  2. Advaita Vedaanta
    1. Analysis of happiness
      Nature and source of happiness
      Unconditional happiness is always available
      Knowledge is the only source of unconditional happiness
    2. Self knowledge
      Analysis of subject-object relationship
      Self cannot have qualities
      Self is infinite
    3. Nature of a jivanmukta
      Jivanmukta as the ideal human being
      Jivanmukti as the goal of life
  3. Saadhana Chatustaya
    1. Causes for gap between intellectual understanding and realization
    2. Qualifications of the best student
  4. Jiva-Jagat-Ishwara
    1. Reason for an empirical model
    2. Problems of the materialistic model
    3. Description of Jiva, Law of karma, rebirth, etc
    4. Description of Jagat and creation
    5. Description of Ishwara as karma phala daata
  5. Vairaagya
    1. Limitation of karma phalam as the goal of life
    2. What is vairaagya
    3. Importance of vairaagya
    4. Means to develop vairaagya
  6. Karma Yoga
    1. Sattvic, rajasic, tamasic actions
    2. Pancha mahaayagna
    3. Daana
    4. Tapas
    5. Attitude of karma yoga
  7. Raaja Yoga
    1. Goal of raaja yoga
    2. Yama and niyama
    3. Aasana and praanaayaama
    4. Pratyaahaara, dhaarana, dhyaana, samaadhi
  8. Bhakti Yoga
    1. Different attitudes towards God
    2. Stages of bhakti
    3. Puja and homa
    4. Pilgrimage
    5. Keertana
    6. Japa
    7. Lilaa dhyaana
    8. Sevaa
    9. Vishwarupa bhakti
  9. Jnaana Yoga
    1. Prerequisites of Jnaana Yoga
    2. Sravana
    3. Manana
    4. Nididhyaasana
  10. Varna and aashrama
    1. Guna varna
    2. Karma varna
    3. Aashramas
    4. Today’s context
  11. What happens after death
    1. Stages of spiritual development
    2. Rebirth in this world
    3. Krama mukti
    4. Comparison with other popular religions
  12. Hinduism in practice
    1. Daily worship
    2. Festivals
    3. Temples and pilgrimage
    4. Art, sculpture, music, drama and literature
    5. Social and environmental awareness
    6. Caste system
    7. Communal harmony
    8. Vegetarianism
    9. Monastic life and traditions

3 Responses to Outline for a workshop or book

  1. Mohan says:

    Hi Gomu

    excellent endeavour… please go ahead!

    best wishes and prayers for the success of this endeavour…

  2. dinesh says:

    i am ready to paticipate if it is in bangalore

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