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Indian Creation Theories

Indian philosophy and religion are very diverse and comprehensive. They never provide a “one size fits everyone” solution to any concept. They provide a full spectrum of options and possibilities for people with various temperaments. Theory of Creation is no … Continue reading

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Spirituality and Scientific Temperament

(This article was published in the December 2014 issue of Vedanta Kesari, the spiritual and cultural monthly in English published from Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai .) Many youth of today are very hesitant to identify themselves as religious but do not mind … Continue reading

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Inadequacy of Science

Science versus religion is a popular topic in the written and visual media in India. However, I find there are two concerns here. One is that, they always hail science as the silver bullet for all human problems. This is … Continue reading

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Adhyaasa (superimposition) in Science and Advaita

We all perceive objects and beings with the senses, conceive ideas with the mind and we have an awareness of ourselves. Everything that we know and experience can be broadly brought under three – matter, mind and consciousness. A goal … Continue reading

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Hinduism and Fatalism

One of the common misconceptions about Hinduism is that it advocates fatalism. Fatalism with respect to individuals is a philosophical doctrine that an individual does not have full control over the events that happen in his life. There are two … Continue reading

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