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Sri Ramakrishna

Today is Sri Ramakrishna’s Jayanti. It was the time when Indian tradition, culture, civilization, values, etc. were being challenged by Western education and ideas. India had been at the top of the Human Civilization – economically, scientifically, technologically, philosophically, socially, … Continue reading

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Indian Culture

Every country and people have an uniqueness, which makes their existence meaningful. A country is not merely a piece of land with a common currency and government. It is a cultural entity, which thrives in the lives of its people. … Continue reading

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Indian Philosophy’s Way to Religious Plurality

We live in a time when people of different religions have to be in touch with each other, live together and work together. In such a context, acceptance of plurality of religions is mandatory for peaceful coexistence and smooth relationships. … Continue reading

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Let India live in me

Yesterday was August 15th – Independence Day. My friend held a small function at his house. There was flag hoisting, cultural programmes, snacks, etc. He had invited the children from a poor neighbourhood closeby. Toys were distributed to the children. … Continue reading

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