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A few weeks back, I attended a Creative Writing Workshop. We got a lot of good tips on writing. After the theory came the practice. We had to write. I have not read much fiction. And, I have never written fiction before (apart from school leave letters). Also, the topic given was, “Describe how a guy proposes to a girl (or vice versa) without explicitly mentioning love or marriage.” Here is what I wrote. For a first fiction, I guess it is not bad.

The full moon was rising behind the tall trees. An owl was hooting at a distance. They were sitting at the foot of the college founder’s memorial statue, enjoying the cool Autumn breeze. This has become a ritual every full moon – Watching the moon rise in the silence of awe. He held her hand and said, “What if we could do this for the rest of our lives? We have so much on common about what we like seeing, reading and doing. I feel we are just the same person in two bodies.” She thought for a moment and just said, “True” and hugged him as if to merge back into one body.


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