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Which is freedom?

I love freedom. I want to wake up when I feel like and go to sleep when I feel like. I want to eat whatever I see, whenever I see and wherever I see something good and edible. I want … Continue reading

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What is useful?

I came across an interesting discussion at http://dobbscodetalk.com/index.php?show=One-Million-Years-B.C..html. Here is a summary of it: “What if one was transported 20,000 years into the past, with nothing but what happens to currently reside in one’s brain. You meet up with the … Continue reading

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What is higher?

Today morning I attended an Ashtaavadhaanam program. It is a program in which the performer displays great intellectual skill by answering different questions by experts in different fields simultaneously. The scholarship, memory, creativity and intellect exhibited by the person performing … Continue reading

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