Which is freedom?

I love freedom.

I want to wake up when I feel like and go to sleep when I feel like. I want to eat whatever I see, whenever I see and wherever I see something good and edible. I want to read whatever I see exciting, see whatever I feel attractive, think whatever I feel titillating, do whatever I feel interesting, go wherever I feel welcome, etc. etc. Basically, I want to give full freedom to my senses and mind.

Is that freedom? That would be my freedom, if I were my senses, and mind. But the very fact that I say my senses and my mind, shows that I am not any of them. Then, how would their freedom be my freedom?

The freedom of the horse that I am sitting on would not take me to where I want to go. It is the discipline and obedience of the horse that I am sitting on that would give me the freedom to go where I want to go.

My freedom would be when I am free from those very senses and mind. Instead of giving free reign to my senses, if I discipline them to do what I want them to do, instead of what they like to do, then I am exercising my freedom. Instead of I following the whims and fancies of my mind, if I drive my mind to obey my commands, that is real freedom.

Freedom is not giving freedom to the senses and mind. Freedom is being free from the dictate of the senses and mind. Discipline is real freedom, not revelry.


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