Stages to Perfection

A few days back a friend asked me if it was possible to work without motive as suggested by the Gita.

There are several stages in the path prescribed in the Gita.

Stage 1:
A person who is lazy and does not have any motivation to work, has to work with a motive. He should have aims in life like to become rich, secure, famous and enjoy luxuries of life. While doing so, he should take care to stick to righteousness.

Stage 2:
When a person keeps working with a motive, there will come a time when he finds that the ends for which he is toiling is actually not worth much. It is at this stage that the philosophy of “work without motive” comes. He has to work, but without eyeing at the fruits.

Stage 3:
When a person keeps working without motive, there will come a time when he finds that it is not he that really does that work. It is as if an invisible power makes him do what he does. This is when the philosophy of “giving up the doership of action” comes.

In the first two stages, the doctrine of Karma, the concept of free-will, etc are all applicable. In the third stage, the philosophy that “everything is predestined” applies. It is a gradual process of discovery of the Ultimate Truth.

Now how do I know which stage I am in and what philosophy should I apply to my life?

If this question arises, I am not in stage 3. For a person in stage 3, this question will not arise at all. This stage comes out of experience and not effort.

If I work enthusiastically, if I have strong likes and dislikes, if I am anxious about success and failure, if I can give a list of achievements in life, I am in stage 2.

If I am not motivated to work, if I keep complaining about work, if I do not have any remarkable achievements in life, I am in stage 1.

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2 Responses to Stages to Perfection

  1. sankhdip says:

    This is exact description. I am feeling stage 1. I have no motivation to work, boring office days, followed by holidays and then again office days. I also do not find any spark to go for promotion but though i have desire to earn good money. A thought rises that if everything is temporary, then why to work diligently? After all few days after i die. Though i find more pleasure reading spiritual books, article rather to read my own subject related books which could secure couple of interviews. But i am tremendous apathetic to my own subject but enjoying reading spiritual matters. Like now i am reading your article rather to read reports, regulations etc related with job. Am i suffering from psychological disorders? or is it spirituality?

  2. gokulmuthu says:

    Boredom and lack of motivation are signs of stage 1. You have mentioned that you have desire to earn good money. That points that you are not in stage 3. That you find pleasure reading spiritual books is good.

    I would advise that you get to work on something that you like doing.

    Your current attitude will not be useful for spiritual pursuit. First you should train yourself to be able to work diligently. Without that nothing is possible.

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