Vairagya – Dispassion

The spiritual quest is a quest of truth, just like the quest by the sciences. The spiritual aspirant’s one zeal is to know the truth about himself and the world. Vedanta lists four preparations or qualifications for a person seeking truth. The second of them is Vairagya – Dispassion.

The definition of dispassion is very interesting.
Not seeking the fruits of action in this world or hereafter.

It is this dispassion that gives the real strength to the seeker.

The seeker of truth does not have any obligation to please or impress any man, society, god, devil or anyone. The seeker of truth seeks truth and truth only. The seeker does not seek life or heaven or any favors or blessings from anyone. He does not fear death or hell or displeasure or curse of anyone. There cannot be any compromise in the pursuit of truth.

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