Super Power

What does it make a country to become a world super power?

Today everyone acknowledges that the US is the world super power. A few decades back, USSR also shared the status. Before the second world war, Europe, especially the colonial powers like England and France were the super powers. Before that, for a short while Spain and Portugal were big powers. Before that India and China were the super powers.

The world keeps changing, with one or two countries dominating the global scene. The mantle of “super power” keeps changing hands. Is the concept of “super power” only military and economical? I feel it is comprehensive. A country represents certain values in the fields of economics, polity, military, science, technology, arts, music, sports, religion, philosophy, fashion, literature, etc, etc. When any country is a super power, it exists as a dominant player in the world in almost all the fields.

For example, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, England was dominating in almost all these fields. And today, we see the US dominating in almost all these fields. So any country aspiring for a dominant role in the world should become influential in all human endeavours. Military and economic dominance is far from sufficient.

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