The Spiritual Journey

Initially, you see the world as an insentient object. You see the other living beings as competitors in your pursuit of happiness in life, which you wrongly believe to come from objects and situations. You blame other people and situations for your shortcomings. You question the merit of leading a life of integrity and compassion. You keep asking, “What is in it for me?” You want all the best in the world with as minimal contribution from you.

In the second level, you understand that everything that happens in your life is the result of what you have done in the past. You don’t see anyone as a competitor or as the cause of your happiness or sorrow. You understand that your destiny is in your own hands only. No one can change what you deserve. You compete with yourself. This enables you to lead a life of integrity, compassion and utility to the world. You have a “Give and take” relationship with the world and other living beings.

In the third level of understanding, you accept that it is God who has become the world and all its living beings. You see the hand of God in every situation in life. There are only two entities in existence – you and God. Whole life is a beautiful play between you and God. You collaborate with God. This gives you a new reason to lead a life of integrity, compassion and utility. You keep asking, “How can I contribute to the world and the living beings?” You don’t expect anything in return.

In the fourth level of understanding, you realize that it is God who plays your role too. You are a mere witness to everything that happens. The whole world, including your own life, is a grand show put up by God for you to see, enjoy, learn, develop detachment and realize your eternal intrinsic freedom.

In the final level, you realize that you are pure Consciousness. Everything arises in you, exists in you and resolves back into you. God and jivas are your own manifestations in the world.

Thus, in your path to freedom, God is your eternal companion. In the Gita, Krishna gives an assurance that if you strive and attain till the fourth level, He will take care of the fifth level for you.

You can compare the description above with your own faith and conviction to evaluate at which level you are in. Based on that, you can strive to move to the next level.

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