God and the world

We have a story in India: A king was very proud of his vast kingdom and great power. He asked a visiting sage, “Do you see how powerful I am and how big my kingdom is?” The sage replied, “Yes, I see. Even God cannot do what you can do.” The king was very happy. He asked the sage, “Please tell me more about that.” The sage replied, “If you want to, you can expel someone out of your kingdom. God cannot do that.” The king understood the catch and became humble.

Even if people are ignorant, arrogant and evil, God cannot reject them. God cannot condemn them. God can only give them opportunities to correct themselves. And, everyone gets as many opportunities as needed. There is no concept of rejection at all. This is the basic Hindu idea of God. God is not apart from the world and the beings. The world and the beings are not apart from God. God cannot disown anyone or reject anyone. There is no one apart from Him.

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