Liberation and the steps to it

Moksha (liberation) is merely dropping the deep rooted wrong notion that ‘I am an individual’.

Dropping a deep rooted notion usually involves these steps:
1. Be open minded by dropping biases
2. Calm down to be able to listen
3. Gain the right notion
4. Clear away all intellectual doubts
5. Let the new idea sink in by pondering over it more and more

These steps are called respectively:
1. Citta shuddhi by Karma Yoga
2. Niscala praapti by Upasana Yoga
3. Jnaana praapti by Sravana
4. Samshaya nivriti by Manana
5. Jnana nishtha by Nididhyaasana

Pranams to the feet of Swami Paramarthanandaji for giving this clarity.

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