For a few weeks, I had gone into a state of forgetfulness of the Truth and got into a state of delusion and depression. Thanks to good counseling by the HR manager in our office I got back to normal.

To make sure that I don’t get into such a state again, I prepared a checklist. At any moment, even if one of these questions has an answer “Yes”, then I am in trouble again.

1. If God appears before me this moment, do I have anything to ask from Him?

2. If I were to die in the next 15 minutes, is there anything that I wish to do?

3. Is there any incident in my life or in the world that I wish it never happened?

4. Is there anyone in the world who is happier than me?

Here is a sort of daily checklist that I can run through at the end of the day.

5. Did I ever wish I be like someone else today?

6. Did I want to possess something or wish I don’t lose something?

7. Did I wish someone did something differently?

8. Did I feel bored, frustrated, anxious or afraid?

9. Was I violent in thought, word or deed?

10. Did any of my action or inaction deny anyone of their legitimate right to fulfil a desire?

11. Did I seek or pursue any object for the gratification of senses?

12. Did I do anything for myself (other than regular day-to-day duties like brushing the teeth, taking bath, going to work, etc.)?

13. Did I judge a person instead of a person’s action?

14. Did I wish someone think something about me?

15. Did I feel anyone is a competitor to me or make someone feel I am a competitor to him?

I hope this checklist keeps me in place.

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2 Responses to Checklist

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Gokul,
    After reading of your post,i was concerned a bit( the word :depression). May be it because of Maya. You are inspiration many people.
    Checklist is great for any people who like to come out of body-mind complex.A good addition to spiritual diary.
    In 4th question: “Is there anyone in the world who is happier than me”
    Can you replace the happy with peace ? Is it better.
    The First question : can we ask the God for more light for Mind ?

    Any way…Thanks a lot for sharing. Great impact.

  2. Gomu says:


    Thanks for your concern. The fact that I have written this indicates that I am normal now 🙂 Ups and downs are always a part of life. I am what I am only because of all the ups and downs that I have been through. So there are no regrets. What is important is not to miss collecting the lessons in this roller-coaster ride.

    The word “happy” is fine. For example, if someone asked me, “Will you be happier if you had the super intellect of Swami Vivekananda?”, I would say, “No happier than what I am now. I am perfectly ok with things as they are.” The word “peace” will not convey this meaning. Absolute absence of desire is the key.

    Regarding your comment on the first question, I would prefer not to answer it. What I have written in the checklist is something that makes sense to me. Not everything will make sense to everyone. There are infinite possibilities. So, you can take what appeals to you. You can tailor it to your convictions. I am not saying this is a perfect checklist for everyone. Everyone has to come up with his own checklist.

    Thanks for your comments.

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