Yesterday I watched two movies back to back – AVP (Aliens Vs Predators)
and Species III. I have seen lots and lots of similar movies about alien
species, which are more “advanced” than humans. There are a few things,
which are common to all of these imaginary species:
1. They are physically stronger
2. They are technically more advanced
3. They are intellectually more advanced
4. They mostly want to wipe off or atleast harm mankind
5. Sometimes, they are morally almost as advanced as humans
   (eg. Hell Boy, Abyss)

These stories of fiction are not new to the human mind. Mythology of
all ancient cultures have such concepts. The Indian, Greek, Egyptian,
Chinese cultures all have stories of gods, demigods, demons, etc, who
fight or help human beings. Whether they are gods or demons, they always
have more physical and/or intellectual prowess than humans. However,
ultimately, it is human nature that wins.

I have never read any mythology or seen any science fiction movie, which
makes me want to be that species and not a human being. The potential of
a human being is much more than anything that these imaginary creatures
can have. The breadth of experience that is open to the human being is
very vast, and we seem to have the right balance of freedom and limitation.
This balance between freedom and limitation helps us to exercise various
faculties and grow wiser and wiser.

Yesterday I was reading in the book “Biography of Swami Vivekananda” by his
disciples. In that there was a discussion on how Swami Vivekananda looked
upon Sri Ramakrishna. Swami Vivekananda tells that he saw Sri Ramakrishna as
someone between man and God. Not a man because he did not have the normal
human limitations like lust, greed, ego, anger, jealousy, etc. Not a God
because he was subject to hunger, thirst, old age, disease and death. This
was Swami Vivekananda’s opinion in October 1885 and it did tilt more towards
God. Later Swami Vivekananda declared Sri Ramakrishna as an incarnation of

This idea shows us the direction to go. What is an advanced species? What
is development of the species? How should the human species develop? Is it
more physical, intellectual and technological development? Is that really
development? Looking at the examples from mythology and science fiction, it
does not seem so. Real development is in virtue and values, and not in
blind strength. A person who is free from lust, greed and ego is more
developed than a person who can beat anyone in a game of chess or in a
physical battle.

And man does not need to wait for millions or years or even hundreds of
years to develop these advancements. Just by the right application of Will
and the systematic disciplines prescribed by the scriptures of various
religions, man can quickly advance towards being a better species. Not better
by physical or intellectual might, but by moral and spiritual might. This
is the scope of mankind. This is the objective of religion.

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