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Today I read on Guardian an article, in a light vein, about the “dangers” of our thoughts being known to others. You can find the article at,,1855340,00.html

If everyone’s thoughts are known to everyone else, will it be a better world or worse?

Let us say, everyone can read the thoughts of others at line of sight. Just as we can see each other at the line of sight, let us say we can read each other’s thoughts at line of sight too. How will the world be? All the funny concepts of verbal communication skills, negotiation skills, body language, etc will be gone. There will be no lawyers. There will be no concept called “lies”. There will be no misunderstanding between people. Our young boys need not struggle to tell their love to their girls.

I feel such a world will be wonderful. Today, when I see a stranger for the first time, it is his physical appearance that strikes me. Only when I get familiar with him, that I form a mental image of him, which takes precedence over the physical image. Even then occasionally the physical image jumps ahead and distracts me. There will be no such problems if we can read the thoughts of each other. We will see each other as mental entities than as physical entities. It will be wonderful. There will almost be no place for lies and cheating. The world will be much more secure and comfortable than it is now, unlike what the Guardian article says.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmm….Difficult situation !!!
    I guess, in that case, people will start wearing some kind of cap /cover/ turbans to avoid “strangers” reading their mind/thoughts… and will be open only to only a few people whom they trust ! (?)
    Just like mankind started using clothes to hide nudity…

    Also there will be a new concept called “thought noise” / “thought pollution” (To add to our present day huge list of XXXXX pollution)..
    And there will be thought pollution free zones !!! (Hospitals, maybe ) !!!! where you’ll have to wear some kinda helmet before entering the premises !!!!

    Or maybe the electronics enthusiasts come up with Thought Jammer ?? !!!
    Exams will be conducted in thought proof cubicles !!

    What say ?

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