Evolution beyond Man

What is unique about man? How is he different from other animals?

The mind. That is what is different. Man – the very word says it. Man is a thinking animal. Animals have only the physical dimension. They are predominantly biological and to a certain extent influenced by the environmental history. It is man, who inherits thousands of years of mental acheivements of his ancestors and enriches it every day.

The purpose of education is to convert the biological animal into the thinking man. The parents give the genes. It is the education that hands over the mental heritage. Unless man has the heritage of science, technology, history, arts, economics, politics, philosophy and the like from the earlier generations, he is not complete. Evolution of animals is through the genes. Evolution of the human species continues through education.

Religion and spirituality goes one more step further. Just as education brings out the man from the animal, religion brings out the God from the man. Religion continues where education stops. Education establishes the self-identity of man as a mental entity. Religion establishes the self-identity of man as a spiritual entity. Religion takes man beyond the limitations of the mind. If man has evolved from an animal into what he is today, religion holds the key to evolve further into the future.

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One Response to Evolution beyond Man

  1. evergreen says:

    evolution beyond man is maybe the evolution/delusion of self….to Self

    it’s the path Self-realisation

    for some people this path is lived with consciousness about…..for some people this same path is lived in unconsciousness

    in the eyes of Self-realisation maybe there are no differences between man and animals and other appearing beings….

    there are many theories about Evolution
    like there are many theories about Creation

    this theories need to flow through the mind of man….in order to get awareness about real Self….always “there”….here and now…….as Witness of all appearences…..on the path

    Different steps of Evolution…….?

    maybe whenever Love is shared…..there is some reality appearing….more and more

    this Love is often easier to share within religious people…..
    people who feel unity/oneness…..by this Love of God…..
    for some people….the mind find easier some rest in Good/Positive company

    so the “steps of evolution” are the steps to oneSelf…..to real Being

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