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Swami Chinmayananda – The Three Principles

The Three Principles By Swami Chinmayananda To realize our full spiritual Nature is to experience the fullness of life. As long as we have not attained this state of being, our intellect will continue to suggest methods for overcoming feelings of imperfection, … Continue reading

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Life is like this only

There was a family outing from our office. There was an interesting game in the outing. Three pairs of people stood at the sides of the play area holding strings across the play area. The strings were about two feet … Continue reading

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Materialism vs Spiritualism

Many people who proclaim to be materialists are actually spiritual if the surface of their logic is scratched a bit. Materialism can be defined as the position that there exists nothing but matter. Physical matter (including field, energy, etc) is … Continue reading

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Monastic Rules for the Layman

(This article got published in the August 2012 issue of Vedanta Kesari, a monthly English journal published from Ramakrishna Math, Chennai.) All monastic orders of all religions follow the three cardinal rules – poverty, chastity and humility. These directly correspond … Continue reading

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The East and the West

For the past few weeks I was trying to understand the approach to the Truth by Western Philosophy and Science. I am far from getting a good grasp of the number of ‘ism’s of Western Philosophy. I thought I will … Continue reading

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