Life is like this only

There was a family outing from our office. There was an interesting game in the outing. Three pairs of people stood at the sides of the play area holding strings across the play area. The strings were about two feet above the ground. One person from each of the three teams was selected to play the game for the team. The players have to cross the hall without touching the strings when blindfolded.

The fun in the game is that after the players are blindfolded, the strings are removed. The players think that the strings are there and struggle on their hands and feet to crawl across below the strings.

Soon after they were blindfolded, one of the audience whispered into the ears of a player that the strings were removed. But that person, still was sportive and crawled across the hall like the other players, even though he knew that there were no strings.

After seeing the game, I realized that life is also like this. We are all free. But we think there is a web of strings above us and struggle. The strings are only in the mind. The wise man, knowing that there are no strings, still does not spoil the game. He sportively crawls with the others following all the rules of the game. While life is a struggle for the others, it is fun for the wise man. There is nothing to achieve in this life. The whole meaning to life is to play fair and be sportive. There is nothing to gain or lose in life. He is wise who knows this and continues to play. He is the jivanmukta.

I learnt a sweet lesson.

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3 Responses to Life is like this only

  1. Suraj says:

    Fascinating analogy.

  2. ankit says:

    a story well told…i fully agree.

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