Sutras for life

There was a 3-day Stress Management Workshop conducted by Art of Living for some of the people in our office. There was a list of short principles that are very good to always remember and try to follow. These are not new. I have come across all of them in several contexts before. Just that the collection is good. I am sharing them here:

  1. Whatever you do, give your 100% to it.
  2. Live in the present.
  3. Life will always be full of opposites like success-failure, anxiety-peace, etc. It is the negatives in life that make us understand and appreciate the value of the positives.
  4. Accept people and situations as they are. Only when we have accepted, we can think calmly and prepare an intelligent response.
  5. With responsibility comes power. Take responsibilities.
  6. Don’t be a football to other’s opinions.
  7. Don’t see intention in other people’s mistakes.
  8. Be grateful for the good things in your life. This will attract more good things.
  9. Sam-gachadvam – Let us progress together.

However, I want to add one more, which was not taught in the workshop:

I feel the biggest stress-buster is to be absolutely honest and straight-forward. I just need to be plain, simple and straight-forward. Let there be absolute alignment between my thoughts, words and actions. Then I let nature take it to its logical result and I accept the result without any complaint. I have found this to be the ultimate stress-buster. I am not not the one running this world. My only responsibility is an honest contribution to the best of my ability. With me or without me, the Lord will get His work done. By being a contributor, I gain some experience, pondering over which, I will gain some wisdom. Otherwise, I have no business in this world. There is nothing to be achieved by me in this world. My only responsibility is to be honest, pure and humble throughout my life.


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