World as God

Here is an excerpt from the book “Towards the Goal Supreme” (also called “Paramartha Prasanga”) by Swami Virajananda. Paramartha Prasanga is really a great book. It is published in several languages by the different publishing houses of the Ramakrishna Order. It is a collection of points on Spiritual Life. The point numbers
are maintained across translations.

The point number 24 is my most favorite in the book. I have pasted it here. This has been the guide to my life from the day I first read it almost 20 years back.

“If you have to be in the world at all, make God your world. Set up your home with Him. Whatever you do, see or hear, think that to be God. It is all play, a game with Him. Know life to be a game, in which Mother Herself is the Player and you are Her playmate. The world will be quite different when you know that Mother is playing with you. Then you will find that in this world there is neither happiness nor misery, good not evil, attachment nor aversion, greed nor jealousy. Consequently, all delusion, self-interest, and conflict will vanish, and no pairs of opposites can torment you there. All ideas of union or separation, of friend or foe, of high or low, of “I and mine”, are non-existent in that play of yours with the Divine Mother. There is only inexhaustible Bliss, boundless Love, and infinite Peace. If even a drop of that Bliss be experienced, the pleasures of worldly objects will seem contemptible. The possession of even an atom of that Love will make the whole world dearer than one’s dearest ones, and heavenly Bliss will be felt through every pore of the body. There is no fear in that play, no anxiety, no bondage, no weariness; it is always an ever-new play. And what infinite modes of play does the Mother know! Endless are the forms and ways in which She plays! One loses oneself in the very thought of it and is merged therein. In that moment of transcendental ecstasy the play ceases; for who will then play, and with whom? That beatific experience, that state of blissful union, is beyond the reach of speech and mind! He alone knows who knows! Great fun! Oh, the great fun!”

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