Destiny of a Flower

All flowers are born the same,
But seldom are their destinies.

Some flowers go to adore corpses,
Some flowers go to add beauty to women.

Some flowers are laid at the altar of God,
But the best destiny of a flower is not to be plucked at all.

So with the mind.

Some minds are spent on pampering the body,
Some minds are given to the beauty of mortals.

Some minds are laid at the altar of God,
But the finest of minds stay within, without getting extrovert at all.

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3 Responses to Destiny of a Flower

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Brother Gomu,
    What a beautiful poem… I want to give title to this poem as DESTINY OF FLOWER. As I feel that COINCIDENCES ARE NOTHING ELSE BUT ACTS OF GOD, it was definitely an act of God that we met on internet almost before 3 years…Now I strongly feel that WE MUST HAVE BEEN REAL BROTHERS IN SOME PREVIOUS LIVES…

  2. vathana says:

    Dear Mama,

    I dont agree to your view on a flower,also your view regarding the mind,
    According to me, the destiny of a flower is to be plucked and the best destiny of a human soul is to live one’s life to his/her fullest satisfaction.

    You can actually test this idea of urs with two same variety of flowering plants.
    You pluck the flowers in one pot with love and passion,leave the other pot untouched.Just notice which plant blooms. Thereafter,it will be the one plant in which u plucked the flowers.

    How can a mind be happy ,staying within itself???
    May be the yogis who sit in mountain crevices ,stay there for years together and they say they are happy.
    But have you ever tested urself???Atleast for a month?

    We have all come here from the param(Brahmam),To do certain actions which are also guided by the Brahmam.Sure dat we are all going to get merged with the Brahmam again.

    Keeping the mind unaltered in this life journey is a worse idea.We must keep urself open to imbibe the lessons that life is going to teach us.

    • gokulmuthu says:

      Well, you are free to have your views.

      Happiness does not come from outside. It is your very nature. In any situation, if you resolve to be happy, nothing can make you unhappy. To be happy or unhappy is your choice, irrespective of the situation.

      – Gomu.

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