Supernatural powers

Recently I saw the three parts of X-Men movie. It is about people developing supernatural powers by mutation. The question here is, “Are supernatural powers a blessing or a curse?”

By watching the movies, I could learn a few things.
1. People with supernatural powers often misuse them, and hurt themselves and others.
2. Other people often exploit people with supernatural powers to get their personal wishes fulfilled.
3. Supernatural powers do not increase the peace or morality. They, in fact, decrease them.

After watching the movies, if anyone asks “If you are give a choice, which of the powers would you like to possess?”, the firm answer will be “None”.

I also remember the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl”. The curse is that they cannot die. They try so hard to get free from this curse of immortality.

These movies give valuable lessons on the negative worth of supernatural powers.

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