Happiness, sorrow, desire, renunciation, duty, etc

Everyone wants to be happy and avoid sorrow.
Happiness comes from a state of fulfilment.
Sorrow is the result of a state of unfulfilment.
Desire is the root cause of sorrow.
Fulfilment of a desire results in temporary happiness.
Soon another desire comes in and creates sorrow.
Renunciation of desire brings lasting happiness.

Happiness does not come from external objects.
Same object gives different levels of happiness or sorrow
to different persons and to the same person at different times.
The fundamental quality of happiness is the same irrespective
of the object inducing the happiness.
Happiness comes from inside us, not from outside objects.
Happiness comes from the temporary fulfilment of a desire.
Happiness is the natural state. Desire creates a disturbance
in the natural state and creates sorrow.

There are three types of desires.
Desire for sense pleasure and intellectual pleasure.
Desire for possession of objects, knowledge, etc.
Desire for fame, power, etc
They have to be renounced thus.
One should always engaged in constructive activity.
One should give work, wealth, knowledge, love, etc to others.
One should feel as a part of the whole universe, doing one’s duty.
Never ask “What is in it for me?” Always ask “How can I add value?”

The world is an expression of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.
These can be manifested in the Spiritual, Mental and Physical planes.
Truth is better than Goodness, which is better than Beauty.
Spiritual is better than Mental, which is better than Physical.
Add value by manifesting and helping others to manifest these qualities.

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