Essentials of Spiritual Life

Here is a list of essentials of spiritual life for people who are really serious about it.

Spiritual life is the sustainable and practical way to be happy, joyous, peaceful and resilient to the ups and downs of life.

  1. Stop blaming others. Take the responsibility of everything that happens in your life on your shoulders. Do not look at the fault of others. Look at your own faults and try to improve.
  2. Do not get dejected at your own faults. It is natural to have defects. To err is human. The mind is a tool. It is the nature of the mind to be imperfect. Your task is to make it as perfect as possible, and to get as perfect job as possible done with your mind.
  3. The quality of your life directly depends on the quality of your mind. Mind is your most important instrument. Develop a contented, peaceful, cheerful and disciplined mind.
  4. Do something constructive and contribute to the world and the people around you. Give more than you take from the world. Do not live as a burden to the earth. Consume minimum and contribute maximum. Always look for ways to contribute. Stop looking for “what is in it for me”. Start looking at “how can I add value to it”.
  5. Be honest and truthful. There should be perfect alignment between your intentions, words and action.
  6. Wish good to everyone. Be friendly with everyone. Do not intend harm to anyone. Try not to hurt anyone. Help everyone as much as possible.
  7. Lead a disciplined life. Eat moderately. Sleep moderately. Indulge in entertainment moderately. Work moderately.
  8. As long as you live, learn. Learn from people. Learn from things around you. Pick up some good skills that will help you and others. In success and failure, look for the lessons that you can learn.
  9. Being humble is important to learn and improve. Be modest, humble and respect everyone and every situation. Never be arrogant or over-confident.
  10. God knows the innermost thoughts of everyone, especially you. God is the bestower of the results of your actions. God is impartial and just. Do everything that you do as a gift to God. Accept everything in life as a gift from God.

Understanding and following these is the first step to spiritual life. Without this understanding, no amount of japa, puja, prayer, meditation, social service, singing, chanting, pilgrimage, etc. will be of much use.

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