What is Moksha?

You are in reality of the nature of pure Consciousness. You are eternal. You have no birth nor death. It is Nature that keeps changing in front of you, appearing in your Consciousness, like reading a book. Out of ignorance, you have identified yourself with the body and mind. That is the root of all the problems. Your tremendous attachment to the body, mind and the world prevent you from looking beyond. By being good and doing good, your attachment to the world will reduce. Then you will be able to see through the ignorance. When you realize that you are neither the body nor the mind, but you are the pure eternal Consciousness, you will realize your immortality, which has been your real nature all through. This realization is called Moksha.

Everything in religion and spirituality is only preparation, to reduce the attachment to the body, mind and the world, so that this knowledge can manifest.

Added later:

Our concept of Moksha or freedom is “emotional” freedom. Surely the body has limitations. And, so does the mind. People around us will not be as we may wish them to be. But at the emotional level, we are completely free. In any situation, if we decide to be unshaken emotionally and decide to put up a smile and be genuinely cheerful, we have the full freedom to be so. Problems will be there in life. But we need not be overwhelmed by the problems. This “emotional unshakeability” and “emotional fulfillment” is the sign of spiritual freedom. Not depending on any people, objects or situations for our happiness is called Moksha or freedom. We all have this freedom. Due to wrong identification and attachment with mind, body, people, objects, situations, etc, we lose sight of this freedom to be happy, and because of ignorance, we grieve. This is called Samsara or bondage. This unfulfillment and misplaced value shows up as greed, jealousy, lust, arrogance, anger, etc. By gaining the right understanding and tuning the thinking habits accordingly, we manifest the total freedom from all these psychological problems. This is what is called Moksha in Hinduism.

Moksha has nothing to do with health, longevity, mental powers, intellectual powers, miraculous powers, control over nature, ability to cure, etc. Jivanmukti is a simple state of complete emotional independence that can be achieved here and now.

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